18 Dec,2015 | FOOD

Being a quarter of a century old sounds like a good time for momentous decisions and Crystal Jade Jiang Nan takes that leap of faith by launching a brand new menu, as a lead-up to Crystal Jade’s 25th anniversary next year. With a healthy mix of classics and new creations, Crystal Jade Jiang Nan’s new menu aims to provide the ultimate Jiang Nan experience for all who walk through their doors.

Determined to bring a fresh experience to your taste buds, the menu features unique dishes such as the Sauteed Shrimp with Long Jing Tea Leaf and Steamed Salted Egg Yolk Xiao Long Bao. Fans of Crystal Jade’s Signature Roasted Peking Duck can breathe a sigh of the relief – you can still enjoy your favourite exclusively at VivoCity (phew!).

Staples served include (but is not limited to) their Signature Szechuan Dan Dan La Mian and Shanghai-style Rice Flour Cake with Shredded Pork & Preserved Vegetable Soup. Another dish not to be missed is the Braised Minced Pork Ball with Mushroom & Bamboo Shoot – cooked and served in a clay pot, these pork balls are traditionally known as ‘lion’s head meatballs” due to the shape of the large meatballs resembling the head of the lion and the vegetables playing the part of the lion’s mane.

To end off your meal, dive into the world of Jiang Nan desserts with their Glutinous Rice Ball in Fermented Rice Wine, where chewy mini rice balls (also known as tang yuan) are served in a fermented rice lees sweet broth. Crystal Jade has also kept their classic desserts in the new menu, such as the Steamed Sweet Potato Bun with Custard dusted in desiccated coconut and the Mango Pudding, for those seeking a taste that is more familiar.

Whether you have been an avid fan of Jiang Nan cuisine or belong to the uninitiated crowd, Crystal Jade Jiang Nan’s new menu will be sure to satisfy.

Crystal Jade Jiang Nan is located at VivoCity #01-52.

Open from 10am to 10pm daily | 1 HarbourFront Walk, Singapore 098585 |
Customer Service Hotline 63776860 / 63776870

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