30 Jan,2018 | LIFESTYLE

The highly anticipated TANGS Chinese New Year Fair is back at VivoCity for all your festive needs and to give you more reason to indulge in addictive CNY treats!

Apart from the good ol’ favourites, you’ll also find unique (and tasty) gems at the fair to set your house apart from the rest when family and friends visit. #houseproud

Customise tins with your family name

If you like it then you shoulda put a ring your name on it!

With their massive entourage of surname magnets, Bai Jia Xing (百家姓), which means “The Hundred Family Surnames” – brings 5 of their authentic, handcrafted goodies to the fair this year to wow and please your taste buds! With over 300 surnames in their arsenal, these tins are a conversation starter at gatherings and perfect as gifts for loved ones.

Buy all the doggies in the world

This CNY brings around the year of the Dog, which means it’s time for all you dog lovers to celebrate and fill your house with litters of man’s best friend…decorative ones, of course.

From fortune dogs (sorry, kitties, you’ve been replaced) to adorable dog plushies, we can all finally fulfill our dog whisperer dreams and have the doggy entourage we’ve always wanted.

Snacks, snacks, and more snacks!

Image credits: TANGS

What’s a CNY celebration without food and tasty snacks? Dive into your favourites such as pineapple tarts, kuek bangkit, hae bee hiam rolls, nuts and more when you visit the fair. Health-conscious folks can also visit brands such as Chocoelf, which serves sugar-free/reduced sugar goodies to indulge, sans the guilt.

And if that’s not enough, fans of crispy fish skin, this one’s for you – East Ocean Teochew Restaurant’s Salted Egg Yolk Fish Skin that has recently been voted as No. 1 in Singapore by The Sunday Times, is also up for grabs at the TANGS CNY Fair!

Saving the world, one tray at a time

With all the snacks and goodies that you’ve bought to serve up to your guests, you’re going to need some help.

When you spend a minimum of $250 (maximum 3 same-day receipts) at the TANGS Chinese New Year Fair, you’d get to redeem a complimentary bio-degradable tray worth $39.90; good for the environment and your biceps.

The TANGS Chinese New Year Fair is ongoing at VivoCity Central Court till 14 February 2018. Click here for more information and good stuff.

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