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石叻坡 Strait Place 1819 by d’Good café

The Name

In the past, Singapore was known as “石叻坡” by the Chinese. “石叻” is a direct translation from the Malay word “Selat” (Sit-lat) meaning “Strait”. The word “坡” means “place” while 1819 marks the birth of modern Singapore. The name represents an amalgamation of
something old and something new.

The Concept

The founding of colonial Singapore as a free port led to a rapid influx of immigrants. They took breaks from their work and gathered at places to refuel and socialise. This shaped the very early Kopitiam that gradually served as a place for common folks to gather, eat, and drink. Similarly, we want our restaurant to be a happy place for refuel, social gatherings, and celebrations.

Our menu celebrates both heritage and culinary innovation. While preserving Singapore’s culinary heritage, we give the classics a modern spin.

石叻坡 Strait Place 1819 by d’Good café is now open at VivoCity, #02-111.